International Recognitions received by Arq. Héctor Ceballos-Lascuráin

2015Named Distinguished Honorary Professor of the Universidad Norbert Wiener of Lima, Perú.
2015 Tourism Education National Award by AMESTUR Mexico, in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico.
2015 Recognition Award for Lifetime Achievement in the field of sustainable tourism by Universidad del Caribe, Cancún, Mexico
2014Named Distinguished Honorary Professor of the Universidad Ricardo Palma of Lima, Peru.
2014Named Distinguished Honorary Professor of the Universidad Tecnologica de los Andes, Abancay, Peru.
2014Named Associate Researcher and Advisor of Inkaterra Association of Peru.
2012 Named President of the Tourism Committee of the U.S.- Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Mexico City.
2011Recognition Award for his role as Focal Point of the World Commission on Protected Areas – WCPA – of IUCN) during the 20 the 20-year period between 1991 and 2011, granted by the Mexican Committee of IUCN.
2008 Awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by IRHA (International Restaurant and Hotel Awards) for his dedication to inable sustainable tourism and ecotourism through smart design (Beverly Hills, California).
2008Appointed panelist of the Sustainable Tourism Destinations Historic Survey of the National Geographic Society.
2008 Commemoration by web sites, and of the 25th Anniversary of Arq. Ceballos-Lascuráin’s having coined the term “ecotourism”.
2007 Recognized by Mexican business magazine Expansión as one of the 10 most distinguished Mexican professionals in the fields of ecology and sustainable development (alongside Nobel Prize winner Dr. Mario Molina and other distingished scientists and researchers).
2007 Named member of the panel of conservation personalities of the Kinabatangan region, Sabah (Borneo), Malaysia by Borneo Ecotours.
2007 Recognition award as Pronatura’s founding president, during celebration of Pronatura’s 25th Anniversary.
2006 Included in Gallery of Honour of Ibex Expeditions of New Delhi, India.
2005 Judge of the Conde Nast Traveler Magazine 2005 International Ecotourism Awards 2005.
2005 Recognition from the Municipality of Ocozocoautla, Chiapas, México, for his contribution to the development of Ecotourism in Mexico and around the World.
2004 Obtains the Colibri Lifetime Achievement Ecotourism Award, granted by and Canyon Travel.
2004 Appointed member of the International Committee for Cultural Tourism of ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) of UNESCO.
2003 His architectural design for an ecolodge in Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is selected by the Mexican architectural and construction magazine OBRAS as one of 5 “Intelligent Buildings”, appearing as cover story in the July issue of this publication.
2002 Designated (by WTO and UNEP) Moderator of the Panel reporting regional preparatory meetings held in the Americas at the World Ecotourism Summit, held in Quebec City, Canada.
2001 Included in the Roster of Experts in Biodiversity Planning for Latin America and the Caribbean of the UNEP/UNDP Biodiversity Planning Support Program (BPSP).
2000 Appointed member of the Ecotourism Committee of the Mexican Council of Tourism Promotion.
1997 Appointed member of the American Birding Association (ABA).
1996 Appointed member of the Comission on Environmental Strategic Planning (CESP) of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).
1996 Appointed Special Adviser on Ecotourism to IUCN.
1994 Appointed member of the Sustainable Tourism Commission of COTAL (Confederación de Organizaciones Turísticas de América Latina).
1994 Appointed Special Adviser to the Fundación Ecoturismo de Argentina.
1993 Elected member of the Ecological Committee of the Mexican Association of Architects.
1992 Elected Advisor to The International Ecotourism Society (TIES).
1992 Appointed member of the Advisory Group on Sustainable Tourism for Eastern European Countries (IUCN/EEP/British Government).
1992 Appointed Advisor to the Ruta Maya Conservation Foundation, based in the U.S.
1988 Appointed member of the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).
1988 Elected as Vice-Chairman of the Mexican chapter (CIPAMEX) of the International Council for Bird Preservation (ICBP) - now BirdLife International.
1986 Elected Advisor to Amigos de la Reserva de la Biósfera de Sian Ka'an, Mexico.
1986 Elected Member of the Consejo Ibero-Americano de Arquitectos (CIANA).
1981 Founding President of PRONATURA, the largest and most influential Mexican conservationist NGO, currently with a membership of over 3,000, with four national chapters and one in the U.S. Currently he is Advisor to this NGO.
1978 Appointed member of the Sociedad Mexicana de Planificación.
1977 Appointed member of the Sociedad Ornitológica de México.
1970 Appointed member of the Colegio de Arquitectos de México.