Regional and urban planning must respond to suitable criteria of ecological adaptation and respect to the environment. Ecodesign consists in providing solutions in accordance with physical and natural processes, in such a way that energy is saved and negative impacts are minimized. We provide advisory in these fields to governments, the private sector, NGOs and local communities.

Services Provided:
  • Regional and urban physical planning
  • Master plans of cities, neighborhoods, residential areas, housing complexes and physical developments with ecological and sustainability criteria
  • National plans and strategies for land use, zoning, human settlements and tourism development
  • Master plans for national parks and other protected areas
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Landcape design through wise use of native species
  • Advisory in ecodesign, ecotechniques and use of alternative energy sources (solar, wind, biomass, etc. )
  • Development of courses, workshops and seminars on the above subjects